NESTLE Vitality Express Beverages

nestle-vitality-express-juice-dispenserThe Nestlé Vitality Express is preferred by operators for its ease of use and selection of quality, on-trend beverages.

When it comes to dispensing cold, non-carbonated juices and drinks, Nestlé Vitality is the name and Express is the dispenser that operators rely on.

With the Express Beverage Solution, you get state-of-the-art equipment that leads the industry in efficiency, reliability, and food safety.

CONSISTENT QUALITY – Dispenser blends concentrate and water perfectly every time.

SAFE AND SANITARY – Closed system with no hoses or tubes to trap bacteria.

BUILT FOR SPEED – The Express delivers up to five 5-ounce portions per minute under 45°F.

NO WASTE – The ExpressPak is designed to evacuate completely.

GREAT FLAVOUR FLEXIBILITY – The 4-drink Express system with its Switch-a-Brix feature allows for quick flavour changes with a simple flip of a switch.

Available Flavours

Description Shelf Life
Gross Wt. / case
Gross Wt. / case
NESTLE VITALITY Apple 100% FznConc 3/3L 5+1 728 Days 27.40 12.43
NESTLE VITALITY Orange Premium 100% FznConc 3/3L 4+1 728 Days 26.64 12.08
NESTLE VITALITY Sweet Tea w/Lemon 0% FznConc 3/3L 11+1 728 Days 28.21 12.80
NESTLE VITALITY Unsweet Tea 0% FznConc 3/3L 11+1 728 Days 22.17 10.06
OCEAN SPRAY Cranberry 27% FznConc 3/3L 4+1 728 Days 27.64 12.54


Product Specifications

Machine Information
Dispenser Dimensions Height 29.3″ (74.4cm), Width 15.0″ (38.1cm), Depth 24.3″ (61.7cm)
Type Refridgerated concentrate and water mixed on demand
Pump Four electronically controlled pump motors
Product Flow Rate Approximately 1.6ox/second (47.3 ml). Varies with product
Concentrate Capacity Four 3 litre Express Paks
Product Capability Four selections offered, plus Switch-a-Brix that allows up to four alternate selections
Security System Keylock located on side of door. Night switch located behind graphics panel turns off water solenoid, pump motors, and graphics panel.
Refridgeration System Dual capillary tube refridgeration system with individual controls for water chilling and concentrate cooling. Temperature is monitored by precision thermistors for accurate control.
Capacity Five 5 oz (148 ml) servings per minute unter 45°F (7.2°C) at ambient air and incoming water temperature of 75°F (23.9°C)
Water Connection Inlet hose fitted with 3/8″ male flare
Water Supply Pressure Requires 30-100 PSI
Approvals UL, C-UL, UL Sanitation, TUV, GS
Shipping Weight 160 lbs (72.8 kg)
Clearance 2″ (5.08 cm) at rear, sides and top for ventilation